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Visitas Encenadas
Teatro Lethes
Premiere: Criação: Elisabete Martins| Luís Manhita

What do a soldier, a priest, an earthquake and a ballerina have in common since
1599? Come and find out all these amazing stories with rehearsed visits in Teatro
Lethes. A brand of devotion, education, tragedy, love, mystery and culture. In Greek
Mythology, Lethes is a mythic river, which waters hold the power to erase the memory
of the souls from the bitterness of mortal lives. In the mystique of Lethes Theater
there's more than enough remarkable episodes to make this room special to say
the least.

for : 6years

Minimal: 10 pax

maximun: 60 pax


tel. 289 878 908 (from Tuesday to Friday,between 2pm and 6pm)