Past Scenes

Mais um Shot?
55th Production
Premiere: 08/11/2010

ACTA - Mais um Shot? ACTA - Mais um Shot? ACTA - Mais um Shot?

Tour: Loulé, Lagoa, Albufeira, Olhão, Lagos, Vila Real de Sto. António, Faro, Tavira, Vila do Bispo

This year our attention befalls on a problem we considered relevant and pertinent, in view of its increasing dimension among our youth, especially in urban areas: alcoholism among teenagers and young people. According to studies, it’s not a circumstantial phenomenon but rather a current practice, methodical and practiced in groups, to which young people surrender, destroying their physical and psychological health. We propose to create a theatrical performance on this issue, with an interactive component, in a way that the audience will identify the problem and will be asked to find solutions helping to avoid it.

‘Why do we drink? To forget, because it’s relaxing, just to have fun, to disinhibit, because we get tougher, because the others also drink. The question now is: and what happens next? Problems didn’t go away, the euphoria and disinhibition sensation quickly leads to being sick, and sometimes we can’t even remember what we did. When we’re just flirting, everything’s ok. But when the critical hour comes… nothing works, and this is also true for girls.
Is it really cool to wobble down the street, throwing up everywhere, getting into fights for no reason, making fools of ourselves and being made fun of by others? Is it this way we get recognition from others? And where is the time and space just to be ourselves, to have our own opinions, the time and space to be a real person?’