O Longo Sono da Heroína
13th Production (Restaging)
Premiere: 07/01/2008

ACTA - O Longo Sono da Heroína ACTA - O Longo Sono da Heroína ACTA - O Longo Sono da Heroína

Tour: Vila Real de Sto. António, Portimão, Loulé, Faro, Braga, Olhão, Albufeira, Tavira, Lagos

Having the tale “Sleeping Beauty” by Brothers Grimm as a starting point, an interactive play for the youth was created, in a way that they, while interfering, may express their own understanding of such relevant issues as drug addiction and its consequences, relations between parents and children, relations between friends and colleagues. This play aims to constitute a contribution for the educational theatre.

Students’ letter

“Dear Sirs

The word THEATRE has always been very ‘heavy’ to us, ten boys of the 12th year CEF T5 of Vila Real de Santo António high school, with little or no experience in this area (we dare to say that the few plays we attended to were never that captivating: uninteresting themes, monotonous acting, no colour, no glitter…).
‘It was cool’, ‘Very funny!’, ‘I didn’t know I was that skilled for acting!’, ‘This wasn’t a complete boredom!’, ‘For the first time I can say that I enjoyed a theatre play.’… And we could go on listing our reactions at the end of the play. In fact, this ‘Longo Sono da Heroína’ woke us up to the role of theatre in denunciating some of the present-day problems within youth. Family conflicts, alcohol addiction, and high drug abuse were some of the themes explored, and another lesson in life! We learned that we should be careful with the decisions we make, for some can have grievous consequences. All our excitement was also due to the characters, to choosing subjects, to deciding their fate… putting to work our imagination and talent (that we learned was dormant) in the art of acting.
Contradicting Garrett, we felt our heart being inhabited by a filled world! Filled with what? Applauses, humour, realism, expression, originality, joy. We thank you for your presence and we anxiously hope for a new visit, which we believe will surprise us once again.
See you soon.
The guys from the 12th CEF T5

Vila Real de Santo António, January 15, 2008