O Nexo dos Sexos
35th Production
Premiere: 21/03/2006

ACTA - O Nexo dos Sexos ACTA - O Nexo dos Sexos ACTA - O Nexo dos Sexos

Tour: Faro, Tavira, Lagoa, Albufeira, Portimão, Loulé, Vila Real de Sto. António, Olhão, Lagos

The purpose of presenting in schools relevant educational issues which, through a common discussion between the audience and actors, allows the exposure of problems and the finding of ways of enlightenment brings us this time the theme of sexuality.
This will be approached in two different ways: the educational aspect, with the presentation and exploration of the theme through structured activities - which necessarily requires the direct participation of students in the play – and the theatrical part, through the drama game that the actors will develop from a predetermined script – which will depend on the audience to build its meaning. ‘Nexo dos Sexos’ is thus a theatrical product which, by working together with the audience, aims at reflecting on some of the common fears, unanswered questions, prejudices and taboos, which are part of the process of sexual maturation of early and late adolescents.

Press Highlights

‘After almost a year on the road, schools and the Youth Support Office continue to ask ACTA for help, to come and talk with adolescents about sex. The show Nexo dos Sexos is the example of an interactive performance that puts the adolescent in the centre of the action, and touches where it hurts the most, the education about affections still very scarce in our schools. (…) The students vibrate and understand that in life we have to mark and keep in mind these moments of intense pleasure, so that we may say farewell to our existence with the feeling of accomplishment and the recognition of all others. […] Beyond a very positive message of life, this show motivates, not to reading but to writing. To a form of writing that surpasses that of a simple diary. A writing that implies choices, preparing themselves for what will be determinant in their life: their own choices.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 15/07/07