Estória de um Nariz
23rd Production
Premiere: 15/12/2003

ACTA - Estória de um Nariz ACTA - Estória de um Nariz ACTA - Estória de um Nariz

Tour: Faro, São Brás de Alportel, Lagos, Loulé, Portimão, Tavira, Albufeira

This show tells the story of a gentleman ‘master of his own nose’ that one day found himself deprived of it: the nose, tired of the arrogance of its holder, ran from him during sleep. In an actors’ work with mask and puppetry techniques, we witness a series of episodes in which the nose reveals a remarkable and funny ability to escape, to the despair of the ‘poor’ owner. In the substrate of the text, we may find an implicit ironic and funny criticism to bureaucracy.

Press Highlights

"(…) it was a show that moved the teachers and, judging by the hardest barometer, the one of children, it worked perfectly, since it amused them while also educating them.”
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 25/12/03