Rapsódia Vicentina
3rd Production
Premiere: 15/10/1998

ACTA - Rapsódia Vicentina ACTA - Rapsódia Vicentina ACTA - Rapsódia Vicentina

Tour: Faro, Albufeira, Lagos, Lagoa, Loulé, Vila Real de Sto. António, Portimão, Tavira, Almada, Moita

From Gil Vicente’s texts, that are referred to by educational programs, we aim at creating a show that can stimulate the students to an acute reading and scenic creativity, making use of circus techniques, of street theatre, and musical and instrumental supports of popular roots.

Press Highlights

‘The updates and interpolations of the stage director in Gil Vicente’s text are part of the show, and no one will be alarmed if G. Vicente´s way of speaking gives origin to a verse where the multiple pavilions of Expo ‘98 are discussed. This fusion of texts couldn’t be more ingenious and the mixture between the old and the new – that sometimes sounds surreal– worked perfectly in the premiere in Albufeira.’
Manuel João Gomes, Público, 11/11/98

‘Rapsódia Vicentina was an hour of good theatre, where four actors multiply themselves in ten characters.’
Barlavento, 22/10/98

‘The performance, in this play, of Ana Baião, Luís Vicente, Maria João and René Barbosa, was excellent, earning much applause from the numerous spectators that filled the Cine-Teatro for two sessions.’
R.F., Postal do Algarve, 21/01/99

‘The solid and profound direction by José Louro […] chose to update what was presented […] by stylizing it, achieving an artistic victory with this purpose. Form (excellent feminine costumes) and content in correspondence, good actors’ direction, agility on stage, wisdom in the rhythm of the action and in the use of space. The absolute truth that Gil Vicente is of today and of all times was well displayed.’ It only lacks saying that the actors revealed themselves absolutely secure: Ana Baião, Luís Vicente, Maria João and René Barbosa (the latter fundamental, since he is the base for the musical ambiance, created live)
Fernando Midões, Diário de Notícias, 16/03/99